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Special Occasions


Determining how guests will be seated is an important step in planning your party decorations. Be sure to avoid inviting more guests than your table or location can comfortably handle.

  • How many guests will be attending your party?

  • How many guests will your current dining table seat comfortably?

  • Is there enough extra space in the room for guests be able to move comfortably to socialize?

  • Does it make more sense to seat your guests at several smaller tables rather than one large table?

  • Is there enough space for drink or hors d’oeuvre stations?

  • Can you do a buffet in place of a seated affair?

  • Do you have an outdoor living area such as a patio that could be utilized, weather permitting?

Creating Magic With Flowers

Step 1: Consider the Lighting

For low-light or candlelight use lighter or “warmer” colored flowers – such as yellows, oranges and reds. Whites and lighter colors are also excellent reflective choices for candlelight. For bright spaces anything goes. Since bright light is highly reflective and shows color in its purest hue you might want to use deeper or darker tones such as burgundy, purple or deep blue.Extra light can add dimension to any party. Add a few white “twinkle lights” to trees or try shining an inexpensive work light or can light onto a floral arrangement for dramatic impact. These can easily be hidden with a plant or cloth.

Step 2: Choose Colors That Help Create the Mood

When planning your floral décor, think of the way you might make the best use of color to enhance the environment. Take a cue from the type of food you plan to serve. To make the most of a zesty Mexican meal, spice it up with bright reds and golds. If a romantic wedding brunch in a traditional setting is on the agenda, pastels may be the perfect choice. A casual pasta dinner might call for eclectic colors.

Step 3: Select Flower Varieties That Get Your Point Across

While almost “anything goes” in flowers, there are certain varieties or design styles that best enhance the look or environment you are trying to achieve. We can help you with appropriate choices that will both highlight your mood or theme and stay within your budget.


Party Checklist

  • When and where will the party be held?

  • How many guests will be invited?

  • What is the food and service plan?

  • What is the seating arrangement?

  • How many tables will be used (serving tables vs. seated tables)?

  • What are the sizes of the tables?

  • What is the mood or theme I want to create?

  • What is the lighting situation?

  • What is my budget for flowers?

If you are unclear about some of the above
questions then invite us to see the
venue to get input and creative ideas.

  • Inform us of your seating and service plans so that we may provide some “unexpected” mood makers.

  • Explain in detail the mood you want to create and ask about rentals, props or other ideas to enhance the event.

  • Discuss your budget and expectations.

  • Sometimes special flowers require some extra time to order so be sure to give us plenty of advance notice.

  • will you need us to  deliver and decorate for you?

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