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Flowers have been a part of weddings since the beginning of time. Traditionally the bride's bouquet has been white or pastel with touches of color for accent. Though trendy brides are choosing flowers and colors that reflect their own personal style... Bright and bold, Wildflowery and wispy, or anywhere in between!

Flowers should blend with your gown and you. If you're petite, it doesn't make sense to carry a large, overwhelming bouquet. With the many options available, finding just the right one for your size and style is not a problem.

Maids of honor often carry flowers similar to the bridesmaids. Theirs can be identical to the bridesmaids, (creates a uniform look), or differentiated in some manner, to set them apart. Recent trend is towards a clean, unified look.

Bridesmaids often carry traditional nosegay, hand-tied, or presentation style bouquets. Occasionally they may carry a single flower, or wear a wristlet.

Grooms generally have a lapel boutonniere to match the bride's bouquet, and male attendants wear a boutonniere complimenting the maid's bouquets. Fathers and Grandfathers are often recognized with a boutonniere, as well as any special friends or family members who are partaking in the wedding. Often the groom's is unique to him, with the rest of the men wear the same, again creating a classic uncluttered look.

Corsages of single roses for the mothers, symbolize the new family's union. Fancier corsages are often given to recognize Mom's specialness. Don't forget Grandmothers, and any other special women involved in your ceremony.

Consider sending a bouquet to that special friend or relative who is unable to attend.